Create great engineering solutions that deliver high value to the customer. We are business problem solvers, driven by tech, and not the other way around.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced developer who wants to join our Incubeta developer team. In this role, you will be a part of a team of four other developers responsible for developing one of our products that work in connection with the Google Marketing Platform.

What we do and how we work

We have our development teams in The Netherlands and The UK, but we also work remotely with team members from other countries (India, Belorussia, Poland). We manage and build three B-to-B customer products in parallel, and we also take care of several internal tools. In product development, we rely on our customer's opinions and user experience, and our goal is to deliver the highest business value to our end customers. We achieve this by doing user research and ideation to ensure that what we develop generates the most value for our clients.

What will you do

You will be a senior developer of one of our internal products called CreamOs. CreamOS is responsible for providing financial information to the business using different Google Marketing Platform services. We started to work on this product a bit more than a year ago, and we aimed to create an MVP and find the product-market fit. Now is the time to turn our MVP into a production-ready application. The MVP’s stack is Python with Django templates, running on Postgres DB and Kubernetes. We are, of course, open to changing this stack in the final product: the backend to construct the API can either be Python or NodeJs, depending on the fit for the processes. The front-end will be React because our other products are also running on that stack.

Our Hiring Process

We have an initial interview first when our head of development takes you through our hiring process and where both you and we have the opportunity to make sure we have a cultural fit. We also will talk about your expectations regarding your salary, benefits, etc. Although having the first interview with the head of development might sound like overkill, we have a good reason to put things in this order. We believe that having a good match in mind is more important than pure knowledge in engineering, and this is the best way to align on it.

The second step is a technical assignment focusing on real-life problems you need to tackle in the future as our team member. Yes, it means we won't ask you to solve problems that you will never face here in the future! :) After the assignment, we have a technical interview to discuss your solution, and if everything goes fine, you will get an offer from us.

What we offer

You will be part of an international team and community which has a long reach around the globe. That means you can choose and pick an office to sit down and work with us in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, the UK, or South Africa. Moreover, we support remote work if you are more into that: you can create the best environment for yourself with our work-from-home financial package. Essential tech perks (Macbook Pro, additional screen, keyboard, touchpad) are part of the package. In our Netherlands office, we also offer 25 days holiday, support for 30% ruling, and a private pension scheme.