Focus of the position

The Lead Consultant (LC) will be responsible for client project delivery within their business unit by translating business challenges into state of the art client solutions. The LC will apply creativity and intelligence to solve complex business issues for our clients by offering and implementing full Stack GMP and DQ&A’s own proprietary products and services in close cooperation with the strategy director, account managers, business development and other stakeholders. Overall the Lead Consultant is responsible.

Purpose of the Role

  • As the Lead Consultant you are responsible for providing digital strategies, marketing and technology consultancy services across all digital channels to transform and enhance the success of our existing and prospective customers.
  • You will help our customers with business process improvement, combining your understanding of our products/services to provide best-in-class solutions, as well as mapping out growth plans for consulting teams. You partner with cross-functional teams including sales to drive customer communications, feature prioritization, and technical issue resolution, resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • You monitor and evaluate the quality and progress of ongoing business projects such as Technology migrations, new customer setups and implementing ad management platforms.
  • You engage proactively in sales and account management meetings with prospects and customers.
  • You strategically advise customers on technical possibilities of new and existing products/services.
  • You assist in analysing necessary knowledge levels and advise account directors and consultants on customer needs.
  • You advise our existing and prospective customers, consultants and account directors in delivering the most impactful and efficient digital media strategies and help them analyse the data, trends and performance
  • You help DQ&A build out its position as a leading digital expert globally, focused specifically on DACH/Nordics region.
  • You are continuously on the search for technical trends and applications, you filter the information for relevance and makes sure knowledge is shared internally
  • You explore new industries, verticals and business areas for Incubeta
  • You are responsible for QA and across Consultants
  • You represent Incubeta in key industry events
  • You facilitate your BU’s consultancy team on training and case studies and contribute to further development of training and case studies


  • Business Unit level

Responsible for client success & growth within the Business Unit, including but not limited to:

  • Actively Drive Year on Year Growth to Business Requirements
  • Pipeline Management and Upselling/Cross-Selling
  • Enhance and maximise service quality
  • Develop and Execute Consultancy BU Year Plans

Responsible for client Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

  • Improve NPS score year on year (from 7 upwards)
  • Deliver Targets for Referenceable Clients and Case studies

Individual Level

  • Working together with other stakeholders, actively meaning the billability of the team, increasing year-on-year billability % as well as hourly rates.
  • Client management: protect and grow client profitability, successful delivery of agreed number of Maturity Projects and Case Studies.
  • Improve the overall quality of the work delivered (Quality Assurance), reducing the number of unforced errors year-on-year, reduction of number of client iterations during delivery (first time right should be the aim). Monitor various metrics, tools and systems as well as through 1-1’s and team meetings with the Consultants to ensure highest standard of delivery and quality.
  • Drive innovation and thought leadership within the online marketing space through establishing an environment of continuous learning, whilst ensuring that the Lead Consultant stays on top of her/his game and developments in the market.

Shared Responsibility with Account Director(*)

    Manages Unit team, including but not limited to:

    • Culture & Team Building: ensuring personal and professional development of business unit staff, including regular and timely communication, recognition and empowerment of staff, and ensuring that all act in compliance and live the values.
    • Goal Achievement and Team Assessment: set clear and SMART targets for staff, hold regular check-ins and feedback sessions with staff and adapt targets and change behaviours where needed, assess performance of team and individuals and create pdp’s with and for the team. Hold team and individuals accountable for delivering results.
    • Individual and Team Training & Development: enable and stimulate team training and development, ensuring skill and knowledge gaps are identified and addressed and career planning is supported.
    • Recruitment Process and Succession Planning: ensure best in class talent is recruited and onboarded, succession planning is in place (talent reviews) and colleagues are empowered to develop to their fullest potential. While the aim is to ensure our colleagues develop to their fullest potential, tough talent calls are not neglected and are made sooner rather than later.

    (*) obviously the Lead Consultant and the Account Director will be supported and helped by the Business Unit Director, the MD, HR and others.

    Key Requirements

    • At least 8 years’ experience in the digital marketing environment.
    • University Degree/Diploma/Higher Certificate in Economics, Business Administration, Information Systems or Marketing.
    • Up to date GMP Certifications at Basic and Advanced level.
    • Strong in strategic analysis and profound advisory skills.
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to translate customer needs to deliver high levels of satisfaction.
    • Proven track record on successful business development.
    • Sound understanding of the online advertising industry, knowledge of the underlying technology, major tech providers, agencies landscape and online media buying and selling processes including the programmatic buying landscape.
    • Proven knowledge of DQ&A products/services or similar products/services that DQ&A services.
    • Strong understanding of all digital marketing channels, ad technologies, cross media solutions and passionate about (ad) technology and how technology can shape the online advertising industry and ecosystem in the benefits of our clients.
    • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, goal-oriented and team player.
    • Advanced project management skills.
    • Native or bilingual proficiency of the Dutch / German and the English language.
    • A people person - comfortable with collaboration and can build internal relationships with cross-functional teams (Sales/Client Services).
    • Excellent organisational, and problem solving/decision making skills.

    Key Competencies

    • Client Focus
    • Teamwork
    • Thought Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Planning & Action
    • Problem Analysis, Judgement, Decision Making
    • Organizational Sensitivity
    • Business and Numerical Acumen
    • Managing and Developing People
    • Achievement Orientation
    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • Integrity

    Incubeta DNA

    • Brand Values
    • Earn trust
    • Help others succeed
    • Dare to lead
    • Exceed expectations
    • Problem solving: thinks in terms of possibilities. Is able to solve issues and problems in a timely and effective manner.
    • Customer and service-orientated: is orientated towards the satisfaction of customers and actively seeks for ways of keeping up this satisfaction and if possible of increasing it.
    • Decisive: takes prompt action in situations and can reasonably predict the consequences can reasonably be predicted in taking decisions.
    • Independence: Carrying out tasks without help from others; trying to take command of problem situations of one's own volition or acting on own conviction.
    • Innovative: Identifies and pursues new ideas, solutions, methods and opportunities for increased productivity.
    • Creativity: Formulates original and creative solutions and suggestions.
    • Cooperation: Making an active contribution to a joint result (organizational target) or to resolving problems or conflicts.
    • Personal strength: Personality with own initiative, self-motivating and strong-willed; has the courage to say what he/she thinks and to adopt an independent viewpoint; efficient under pressure, keeps a cool head and continues to function effectively in stressful situations.
    • Planning and organizing: Applying structure to time, space and priority in dealing with problems.
    • Power of persuasion: presents own point of view in an empathetic and enthusiastic way and does not allow to be defeated by powerful reactions and opposition.